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The Pretenders The Pretenders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's been awhile Corky.

But I really do think this is your best movie so far. Much more plot/story line than your other submissions, better video quality than your other submissions, except for one part where you put the gun to Nick's head was great for the audio, and the humor really picked up in this one compared to your others.

I encourage you to keep making movies and keep improving like you have been. They seem to be getting better every time that you make one. Good job to you guys and keep up the great work.

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Fro responds:

Thanks. And it has been awhile. Your so busy all the time. :(

Hay Wars Hay Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow, this is a great video! The comedic value and concept itself was funny. I like how you made those lasers, lol. They were a much better touch than just the using the sabers they sell. Good choice of music as far as Star Wars is concerned. The ending was the funniest though. Haha, the only problem is the video quality could've been better, it was a little laggy in some parts. But overall it was pretty kickass. Corny, but hilarious. ;) Now make MORE. Oh and Metal wtf, crappy preloader? MAH MAMA MADE THAT! And the replay button too?! Oh you guys just make me wanna cry :P I woulda beefed it up, buuuuuut someone wanted to get it out right away, lmao. Anyways, great job Corey.

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Fro responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I honestly don't know what Metal was talking about. I thought everything you helped with was great. ;) I'll try to make more, but my friend does most of the editing and it takes him a long time so if we do make more it will be in awhile. Thanks for the review.

-A Cry for Help 2- -A Cry for Help 2-

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Sorry, but no.

I understand but, what were you planning to succeed here? Beat other crap flashes by getting Underdog? Well isn't that ironic. By doing that, you yourself have actually increased the chances of deserving flashes not getting this. This will not accomplish anything, The flash itself was pretty bad, just some music, text, and a screenshot of your flash. If you are serious about flash, make a good flash that will have a nice chance at a real award. This itself is spam, so your cause is now null and void. There are plenty of other ways to fight spammers, than become one in the process. Sorry if I seem harsh, but really. You can't beg people for low scores and high reviews by the way.

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Being a Helpful NG'er Being a Helpful NG'er

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice!

A very helpful flash for new users and regulars alike!

Graphics 6/10- Nothing to rave about here. Very basic, but at the same time, full of simplicity.

Music 7/10- A classic tune, if nothing else. Maybe next time have a music bar! You know have a bunch of songs? It'll offer alot more selection. ;)

Content 10/10- Ah, the main meat of the flash was very well explained and detailed. Going into alot of groups that help Newgrounds. Very informative here. Perhaps explain other concepts such as whistle points, B/Ping, depositing. But then again, that could all be seen in the FAQ.

Anyways, nice flash work guys! :D


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RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that's quite the helpful review you have there ;)

Tactical RPG - Warfare Tactical RPG - Warfare

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ehh.. :/

Nah, the ads were too long. I was able to keep them in a tab until the ads ended. 3 hours is WAY too long. At least have a preloader and a box for them next time. Anyways, the gameplay was not too good, I mean the graphics were good though. Just a little boring. I must give props to Filsoft for the kicking soundtrack though. It's an alright RTS when you get past the whole ads part. Hopefully next time you won't need too many ads.

Abusive Review Guide 2 Abusive Review Guide 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very helpful, you two!

I loved it. It was very useful to new users and had a bunch of info about them. You have pretty much all the rules, examples, and instances that could possibly ever involve abusive reviews! Graphically, it was not the best, the same beam backgrounds. But, it doesn't matter for the most part. The music choice was a nice touch. Good thing you didn't use the FDA Handbag Loop. It's way overused in Newgrounds related flash. You guys are great at making tutorials for Newgrounds. Maybe consider a "How-to-Review" guide next. Heh, either way, nice job, RTB and Corky.


RohantheBarbarian responds:

Great idea yoshi, I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the review.

Recent Audio Reviews

timid girl timid girl

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Interesting concept, brilliant execution.

This is quite the neat composition you have here. It reminds a lot of the country or a village of a medieval fantasy. It's nothing serious, just a light-hearted tune. Also I liked the fact that it just happened to perfectly loop at the end there even though it was fading out.

Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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-Glorious morning- -Glorious morning-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Truly a masterpiece.

When I first heard this playing Age of War awhile back, I had to find out the artist who created the soundtrack because it fit perfectly. I guess I never gotten around to reviewing this until now.

Anyways, it's a great piece for any game. It really fits that 'march' theme, especially when the drums come in. Progressive and uplifting, this tune. It starts out soft, in the distance - but then it's approaching, crescendoing - getting more dramatic!

I can see why so many flash artists have used this piece in their submissions. Be proud, you and this piece deserve nothing less.

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Kryptonite (Acapella) Kryptonite (Acapella)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A par above mediocre

A good rendition of the original. For the most part it was in tune most of time. Almost always on pitch. Your voice sounds similar to the original, surprisingly!

It's a good acapella version of the song, which is awesome I might add.

Perhaps you'd be good at making more of these. I would like to see some of them.

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